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Boutique consulting for the automotive industry.

Passionate Consulting for the Automotive Industry

automodicted stands for high-quality management consulting by creative minds whose hearts beat for the automotive industry.

Our renowned clients from the automotive industry are undergoing the biggest transformation in their history. We help them to master the associated challenges.

Holistic Support Tailored to Your Needs

From strategy to operations (and everything in between), we deliver holistic, tailor-made support.

We find individual solutions for pressing issues. The (ecological, economic and social) sustainability of our solutions is our top priority.
We don’t stop at the concept – we accompany its implementation right through to success.

In-depth industry knowledge

We know the automotive industry inside out from decades worth of working in it. And we are consultants with our full heart and soul.

We are specialists for the automotive industry. Your challenges are our challenges: We deeply care about the automotive industry and its stakeholders. Engaged support and sustainable problem-solving are part of our DNA.


We’re a team of highly skilled professionals committed to excellence. Beyond expertise, our empathetic and engaging approach ensures a deep understanding of our clients‘ needs. Our working environment is both professional and warm, fostering lasting partnerships.


We commit to integrity, impact, and excellence in every endeavor. Upholding the highest ethical standards, we aim not just to succeed, but to lead byexample, fostering trust and respect. We hold responsible for your challenges as if they were our own.


The results of our work are outstanding in every regard. We take pride in what we do and deliver the best possible results. Personal growth and development are part of our DNA.


We believe in creating connections that go beyond the conventional. Our team thrives on collaboration, fueled by an atmosphere of fun, trust, and confidence. We foster client relationships defined by mutual respect and shared ambition.

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